Cinch Properties LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a property I would like to sell, what do I do?
Give us a call, we are happy to go over the value & work with you to find a solution that would fit you best. Most instances we can close with Cash in 7-14 days!
2. I'm behind on my payments, can you help us?
Yes we can, we will be quick! It is important to keep open communication lines with your lender at all times, we can step in & help!
3. I just inherited an old house I don't want it!
We’d love to come look at it, and make you an offer that day!
4. I would like to know more about your CASH offer process, how does it work?
We like to come out inspect the property first, we will be able to make you an offer at this point. It’s quick, and easy. The closing process can be as quick as 7 days.
5. I'm interested in buying a home -- do you sell homes to?
Yes!! We usually have several projects in various stages of completion that we would be happy to show you.
6. My house suffered damage in the last storm, do you want it still?
Yes! We look at any any houses, any condition, anywhere — Bring it on!!